4 Challenges That Are Preventing You From Building Wealth Part 3

Hey there. Diana here from Strategicfinances.net empowering women to build wealth online. Thanks for taking the time to listen to what I have to say. My intention is to build as much value as I can in a way that you can understand.

Today I want to continue on a series on how to achieve financial freedom. In the first video I talked about why we work and what our 2 main objectives are. In the 2nd video I talked about our 1st challenge when it comes to building wealth. In today’s video I will talk about the 2nd challenge that is preventing you from building wealth.

This challenge may be something that you don’t think you have any control over. It’s something that we deal with on a daily basis and that is taxes. Are you an employee? 80% of Americans are employees and automatically have about ⅓ of their taxes took out of their paychecks.

Do you feel like you have no control over how much taxes you pay? If so I want to enlighten you and let you know that the wealthy know how to minimize their taxes legally, ethically, and morally. What you don’t know can hinder you. We live in a capitalistic society and you need to learn the rules of the game. Then you need to play the game to win!

If you want to learn how to lower your taxes and increase your cash flow hop on my newsletter. Stay tuned for part 4 in my series on how to achieve financial freedom.

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