How To Achieve Financial Freedom Part 1

Hey there. Diana here from empowering women to build wealth online. Thanks for taking the time to listen to what I have to say. My intention is to build as much value as I can in a way that you can understand.

Today I want to start a series on how to achieve financial freedom. In this first video I want to talk about why we work. What is our objective? Are you where you want to be financially? Are you struggling to make ends meet or are you not sure how to achieve financial independence?

I know that the US economy has its own problems but you can create your own prospering economy starting with the money that is coming through your bank accounts. So. We work a job or work a business so that we can pay for our current lifestyle and simultaneously put investments toward our future lifestyle.

What is your money goal? Do you have a money goal? I didn’t until a few short years ago. We must take control of our finances and the first step is writing down a realistic goal for yourself so that you can enjoy your current lifestyle and put away money now so that it can take care of you when you no longer want to work or are no longer able to work.

There are two entities that you can no longer depend on.

  1. The government. They provide Social security but the average ss check is about $1300 and that’s not enough to live off of. Also, Social security will soon no longer exist. So what do you do?
  2. Corporate America. They provide pensions but more and more companies are not offering it these days.

So again, What do you do?

You must literally take your financial future into your own hands. The first step is education so be on the lookout for the next video in this series on how to achieve financial freedom.

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