About Strategic Finances

Strategic Finances is a black-owned and operated financial company specializing explicitly in helping stay-at-home Moms breakthrough generational setbacks and financial curses. Through empowerment, inspiration, motivation, and education that increases your knowledge on financial literacy.

While equipping you with the foundation and the necessary tools that it takes. To unlock the chains and barriers that have been withholding you back form your full potential. Together we can help you better understand finances as a whole so that you can generate generational wealth for you and your family.

Our Mission

Strategic Finances’ mission is to be a voice as well as a beacon of hope within the communities we serve and the stay-at-home moms that may have lost their way financially as we help them regain their sense of self-worth and happiness.

Through empowerment, motivation to start turning their ideas into an actual business. We’re here to help all of you Queens reach your goals, create cash flow and implement better financial strategies.

Our Vision

 Today’s economy is tough on everyone and if you have children at home, you’ve got a special set of pressures and decisions to manage on top of everything else. The (SF) Strategic Finances team we get it and we know where you are coming from! That’s why we’re here for you. We understand that Coming up with a budget can stress anyone out but trying to do that when you have a lot on your plate can be almost impossible.
However, knowing your financial situation having budgets in place while gaining financial literacy is still necessary and one thing we know for sure is that having some cash flow helps achieve one’s goals quicker! SF simplifies the financial jargon into everyday language so that all of you beautiful Queens can gain some useful knowledge despite your current situation.We are here to share our money saving secrets with YOU.  Find out if (SF) Strategic Finances is right for you today!

Meet The Creator & Founder Diana Grace Thompson

 Diana Grace Thompson, is the Founder and Creator of Strategic Finances, Helping Busy Mompreneurs Create More Cashflow & Implement Better Financial Strategies.

Diana is married with 3 beautiful little boys. Diana and my husband run a Construction Business. In addition to Diana  teaching Financial Literacy Online.

Diana’s #1 passion in life is serving God and her #2 passion is serving people. Diana specifically loves to empower women to create their own economy and in order to do this you need self belief, knowledge, strategy, game plan and some sort of work ethic.

Growing up Diana’s mom was involved in Avon and as an 8 year old Diana remembers helping her mom put together products for her customers to get them ready to ship out. At the age of around 16 Diana got involved with the same company and started selling makeup on the school bus to  her friends. Unfortunately, this didn’t last long as Diana knew nothing about networking nor about building a business.

There was no one around encouraging Diana to grow as an entrepreneur so, upon graduating high school she did what all of her friends were doing…she got a job. 

 10 years ago Diana got married and started a family. She became an entrepreneur again right before the birth of her first child. It’s been 6 years since Diana came online to build her business and it has been a roller coaster ride for sure.

In Diana’s whole adult life she struggled to get ahead financially and would look at successful individuals and wonder what they did to achieve financial success. Diana has found the answers and she wants to share what she knows with you!!

Despite the odds Diana made it through the storms and wants to tell you that creating your own economy is absolutely the route she recommends for you and your family. You can’t pass down your job to your children but you CAN pass down a business. Remember that.