Hey Queen!

My name is Diana Grace Thompson, Founder and Creator of strategicfinances.net, Helping Busy Mompreneurs Create More Cashflow & Implement Better Financial Strategies.

I’m a wife, mom and entrepreneur. I love people and want to see them do well in life. Let me ask you this…

Are you struggling financially or finding it hard to get ahead? 

My whole adult life I struggled to get ahead financially and would look at successful individuals and wonder what they did to achieve financial success. I have found the answers and I want to share what I know with you!!

The estimated median wealth of black households is $36,000, while white households estimated their parents’ median wealth at $150,000.(Wikipedia)

This is scary, 

Black people do not have enough Businesses, Real Estate, stocks, Life Insurance policies or savings. We are 451 years behind financially than all other cultures. The average black family does not have $5000 in savings in case of emergency.

If we don’t start our own Business or invest into ourselves now— it will just get worse..

What’s the solution?

– Start a Business 

​​​​​​- Buy some Real Estate

– Invest in yourself

– Buy a Course 

– Get some dividends paying stocks

– Fix your credit 

​​​​​​- Get discipline 

A little bit about me…

I am married with 3 beautiful little boys. Me and my husband run a Construction Business and I teach Financial Literacy Online.

Our new Addition 💕

My #1 passion in life is serving God and my #2 passion is serving people. I specifically love to empower women to create their own economy and in order to do this you need self belief, knowledge, strategy, game plan and some sort of work ethic.

Growing up my mom was involved in Avon and as an 8 year old I remember helping her put together products for her customers to get them ready to ship out. At the age of around 16 I got involved with the same company and started selling makeup on the school bus to my friends. This didn’t last long as I knew nothing about networking nor about building a business.

There was no one around encouraging me to grow as an entrepreneur so, after graduating high school I did what all my friends were doing…I got a job. There is nothing wrong with a job but I think that it should be temporary (unless you love what you do on that job)  and used to fund a business.

But anyhow…fast forward 10 years and I got married and started a family. I became an entrepreneur again right before the birth of my first child. It’s been 6 years since I came online to build my business and it has been a roller coaster ride for sure.

But I made it through the storms and I’m here to tell you that creating your own economy is absolutely the route I recommend for you and your family. You can’t pass down your job to your children but you CAN pass down a business. Remember that.