Never Be Broke Again (Part 6)

Hey there. Diana here from empowering women to build wealth online. Thanks for taking the time to listen to what I have to say. My intention is to build as much value as I can in a way that you can understand. 

THIS IS THE 2ND TO LAST VIDEO on the 3 solutions to achieve financial freedom.

In the first video I talked about why we work and our 2 main objectives, which are to support our current lifestyle and our future lifestyle simultaneously.

In the 2nd video I talked about our 1st challenge which is inflation when it comes to building wealth and then our 3rd challenge which is debt.

The 4th challenge is Big Business and the first solution is to increase your cashflow, Today I will talk about the 2nd Solution. LISTEN. You can coupon year after year, you can, cut expenses and do crazy things to save money but at the end of the day you have got to increase your bottom line. 

You need to increase your income and build a stream of business income to go along with the other 5 income streams that I’ve shared with you. The average wealthy person has 7 streams of income. It’s difficult to pay for your current lifestyle with ONE stream of income. 

Building business income qualifies you for more tax savings. Remember this, your income should increase every single year. Building business income will allow you to fund your dream projects or dream businesses. Have you ever wanted to open up a Daycare for kids? Your own Boutique? Your own restaurant? Where is that income going to come from? You either need the cash flow or the great credit to start a traditional business. An online business costs less than $5,000 to start with little to no overhead. 

It’s time to stop trading hours for dollars and learn the gift of leveraged, residual income to go along with then eventually replace what you bring in at your job or traditional business. If you need help growing an existing business of yours learn how I can help you here. If you don’t have a business but are looking for a low cost startup learn how I can help you here.

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