Never Be Broke Again (Part 7)

Hey there. Diana here from empowering women to build wealth online. Thanks for taking the time to listen to what I have to say. My intention is to build as much value as I can in a way that you can understand. 

Today is the last part in my 8 part series on how to achieve financial freedom. In the first video I talked about why we work. We work to maintain our current lifestyle while simultaneously investing for our future lifestyle. Then I talked about the 4 challenges that we have which are inflation, taxes, debt, and big business.

After, I talked about the 3 solutions starting with increasing your cash flow and building business income. Today I’m going to cover the last solution which is investing. The first time that I heard about investing my mind was blown when I learned that your money can make more money and faster than your labor EVER could!

When I heard this my mindset changed and I suddenly wanted to really start investing. Whether you should wait and pay down debt before investing or do it simultaneously you want to start. I am currently an investor and am constantly learning more about it and taking action on what I learn. If you don’t learn to invest you will work until you die!

I have a retirement date and amount goal set and I understand what I have to do to reach that goal in a timely manner. I have set my financial GPS and work toward understanding and implementing what I need to do in order to maximize my investments.

Another benefit with investing is that you enter into a lower tax bracket, which means that you will pay less taxes. An employee is taxed at around 40%, a self-employed individual is tax at around 18 – 33%, and an investor is tax at around 15%.

Create some investment income through Capital Gains, dividends, and investing in yourself, which has the greatest ROI. I’ll talk more about this in future videos so be sure and subscribe to my blog here.

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