Let Us Know How We Can Best Serve You With Our Products & Services

Income Shifting Membership

Are you leaving money on the table? Let us work together in educating you on what Income Shifting is about and how you can utilize the Income Shifting Membership to give yourself a pay raise and generate additional cash flow to improve your finances and grow your money.

DIY Credit Repair

We all know that credit is king. Unfortunately, for some of us, our credit may need some work. When it comes to credit repair it can become costly depending on where you go. Rest assured Strategic Finances isn’t here to break your bank account. We’re here to educate, empower, and equip you with the knowledge and skills to repair your credit at your own pace while saving money and being budget-friendly.

Personal Finance Coaching

Are you finding it difficult to stay afloat financially? If you are finding it difficult to stay afloat financially understand that you are not alone in this situation. Know that there is hope for you here. We here at Strategic Finances have been in your shoes therefore we know what it’s like all too well to struggle financially. Allow us to help you learn the necessary skills and tools to increase your financial literacy & eliminate your debt.

Professional Website Development

Do you understand the importance of having a virtual presence online? The best way to do this is by having a professionally branded website that either brands you personally or what it is that you do. However, you do not have the time or patience to learn coding or website development. We here at Strategic Finances get what it’s like to live busy lives. That is why we’ll work closely with you to bring your virtual dreams into reality.

Business Coaching & Consulting

Are you a Business Owner/ Entrepreneur? Do you want to expand your business yet you need coaching and guidance? Allow Strategic Finances to coach and guide you with expanding your business. With the proper education, skills, support, training, and the necessary tools for success.

Business Starter Checklist

Take the guesswork out of starting your business. We at Strategic Finances understand the fear and frustration of being a new business owner and not knowing the first thing to do. To get your business going in the right direction. that’s why we’ve created the Business Starter Checklist for you and help make things simpler for you.